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ADD: Anfeng Industrial Zone, Dongou Street, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China
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Our Service

Seeko strength and professional team with rich experienced working operates best service in the following valve, oil and gas fields:

• Fast delivery time, best quality, always focus on after-sales service and technical support for any kinds of valves and ball valve parts.

• With our long term technical support, clients or end user will achieve opportunities to update the technology and quality of their current valves, which can save a lot of research and development costs.

• Clients can get new materials and solutions at a reasonable cost with our suggestion. We win customer and business opportunity with competitive price and technical support.

• We can make any valve components according to our customer drawings design, and they can assemble the valves at their workshop by themselves.

• Seeko can make any valve top mounting dimension modification to match customer’s actuator request.

• Do Maintenance of all types, sizes & classes of oilfield related valves in the workshop & on site.

• Seeko has specialist team for valve servicing & related maintenance. Most of the team members working hard and professional.

We are doing our best to contribute our strength for oil and gas industry.