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Forged Steel Check Valve

Product Details:

Name: Forged Steel Check Valve
Catalog: Check Valve
Certification: API6D-CE-ISO-API607

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Contact Person: Sales Manager
Email: info@seekovalve.com
Tel: 0086-577-67312948
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Product Description

Seeko is one of the leading China Forged Steel Check Valve manufacturers, welcome to inquiry Forged Steel Check Valve from our factory.


A swing check valve consists of a flap or disc which hangs down in the flow path. With flow in the forwards direction, the pressure of the fluid forces the disc to swing upwards, allowing flow through the valve. Reverse flow will cause the disc to shut against the seat and stop the fluid going back down the pipe. In the absence of flow, the weight of the flap is responsible for the closure of the valve.


Size: 1/4” to 4”(DN15 to DN100)

Pressure Classes:

ASME 150# to 2500#

Temperature Range: 196°C to 450°C


Design: API602/ASME 16.34/BS 5352
Pressure Test: API 598
Tag: MSS SP25
SW Socket welding ends according to ASME B16.11

BW butt end by ASME B16.25
NPT threaded connectors according to ASME B1.20.1


CS (ASTM A105,A182 F11,A182 F22), LTCS (ASTM A350 LF2,LF3,12Mn)

High strength LTCS (A694 F52, F60, F65)

Austenitic SS (ASTM A182 F304, F316,F321)

Duplex SS 22% Cr (ASTM A182 F51)

Superduplex SS 25% Cr (ASTM A182 F53/F55)

6Mo SS (ASTM A182 F44)

Inconel 625

Incoloy 825


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